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Our Story: A Nimble Compensation Process

Ending dealership commission spreadsheets creates a new beginning

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Is There a Better Way?

Than endless copy and pasting from big ass spreadsheets

Most people will never understand the complexity and frustrations of managing the commission process at a dealership.

Transforming commission management

Understanding dealership challenges

The complexities and headaches of managing dealership commissions are well-known to us. We've been in your shoes and have directly faced these challenges. (That's why we get so pumped to show you a better way!)

Our journey began with a pivotal moment when Zach Spangler, our founder, was approached by a General Manager from one of New Mexico's most esteemed dealerships. They were in dire need of a solution to overhaul their overwhelming commission calculation process.

This dealership was bogged down by Excel-based processes, dedicating approximately 30 hours each month to commission calculations—a task that was wearing out the spreadsheet team and creating underlying errors. They dedicated countless hours at month-end, only to encounter inaccuracies due to prevalent formula errors, costing them significantly.

The birth of Nimble Compensation: Stopping Commission Chaos

We found that the dealership's frustration was not a one-off. There was no dealership commission management software... It turns out that 96% of dealerships use Excel to manage the commission process, spending hours of precious time during month-end close trying to get commissions right.

Unfortunately, despite all the time spent, studies have shown that nearly 90% of Excel workbooks have formula errors. These were costing this particular dealership ~$25K each year.

Zach, with his expertise in accounting and software development, was driven to develop a platform that could quickly and accurately prove automated commissions were the answer.

And from that, Nimble Compensation was born.

Build the best commission software for automotive business

Fast forward 5 years later. Nimble Compensation powers successful dealerships of all sizes. By combining an intuitive easy-to-use interface with state-of-the-art technology, we allow dealerships to focus on growing the important things.

Nimble Compensation cuts processing time by 80%, liberating dealerships from the grind of manual calculations. Our growth since then has been fantastic, as we are now working with dealerships across the country, from California to Puerto Rico.

We work with single rooftops to large groups around the country. You name it, we have heard it: SPIFF, retros, minimums, guarantees, fast-start, master/apprentice relationships. At Nimble Compensation, we are dedicated to enhancing our platform to ensure our partners can achieve their goals with greater ease and efficiency.

We remain passionately focused on serving our community of dealerships by streamlining the commission process. We are committed to continually innovating and finding better solutions to help our dealerships.

Dedicated to our Dealership Community

We get approached regularly about building our product to cater towards other industries. We decline because we're committed to building the best commission system for dealerships. By focusing on these industry specific challenges, we've become specialists. We continue to innovate and explore new solutions that address the unique needs of dealerships.

Core values that drive us

Innovation for Efficiency

At the heart of Nimble Compensation lies our commitment to innovation. We continually evolve our platform to meet the dynamic needs of dealerships, introducing features that anticipate industry trends and address emerging challenges.

Transparency and Trust

We believe in building relationships based on transparency and trust. Nimble Compensation offers clear insights into commission processes, fostering a culture of trust within your team and ensuring everyone is aligned towards common goals.

Partnership for Growth

Our success is measured by the growth and satisfaction of our clients. As partners, we're dedicated to providing support and resources that propel dealerships to achieve and surpass their growth objectives, transforming commission management from a task into a strategic advantage.

The future with Nimble Compensation

As we look ahead, our vision for Nimble Compensation extends beyond simplifying commission calculations. We're on a mission to redefine dealership operations, making every aspect of commission management an opportunity for growth, efficiency, and team empowerment.

Join us on this journey to end commission chaos and usher in an era of pain-free commission growth. Discover how Nimble Compensation can transform your dealership's future, one feature at a time.

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