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What is Nimble Compensation?

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The Short Answer

A dealership commission system engineered to make the process effortless.

96% of dealerships spend countless hours, even days, wrangling with spreadsheets to manage commissions, and let’s face it, they loathe every minute of it! Nimble Compensation automates the entire process, from calculations to washout sheets, allowing dealerships to complete commissions in minutes.

Zach Spangler
Zach Spangler

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Apr 12, 2024

What is Nimble Compensation?
The Details
What word best describes your commission process?

Painful, chaotic, dreaded, broken, time-consuming. These are just some adjectives we hear describing the dealership commission process. 

Does this sound familiar? You're in the middle of month-end close, with commissions still pending, amidst a million other tasks. You find yourself buried in spreadsheets, pulling data from various sources, juggling systems, and finally passing it off to payroll. How long does this process take you? 

Now, imagine if your entire commission process was automated. Imagine if your employees could track their commissions in near real-time, and all you had to do was review and approve commissions before seamlessly sending the earnings to your payroll system. 

Imagine if washout sheets were automatically sent to your employees. Imagine if management could access real-time performance reports. What could your dealership accomplish with such streamlined operations? This is what Nimble is all about. Our dealership commission software can transform your life and dealership.

What is Nimble Compensation?

At its core, Nimble Compensation is a dealership commission system. It's a platform that simplifies and automates the end-to-end commission process, from calculations to washout sheets. With Nimble Compensation, you can bid farewell to manual spreadsheet calculations and embrace a seamless integration between your dealer management system and payroll.

Nimble Compensation automates end-to-end

We work with dealerships nationwide, so we understand the intricacies of dealership commissions because we live and breathe them daily. We work with single rooftops to some of the largest groups in the country. You name it, we have heard it: SPIFF, retros, minimums, guarantees, fast-start, master/apprentice relationships

How does Nimble Compensation work?

Nimble Compensation integrates with your dealer management system, leveraging outputs from other relevant systems, like your brand customer service reports. We automate every step of the commission process, from opening pay periods to providing real-time earnings insights for you and your employees. We deliver digital washout sheets to your employees at month-end, ensuring transparency regarding earned commissions.

Nimble Compensation sits between your dealer management system and payroll, replacing all your cumbersome commission spreadsheets and consuming data from your secondary sources. We work with most dealer management systems and payroll systems.

Nimble Compensation sits right in your ecosystem

Automate every step in your commission process

We automate every step in your commission process. We will automatically open pay periods by department and pull data from your DMS on a daily basis so that both you and your employees can understand their current earnings based on their performance. After commissions have been reviewed and approved at the end of the month, we provide digital washout sheets so your employees can understand exactly what they've earned.

Let's compare that to a typical commission process. While every dealership's commission process is slightly different, it can generally be broken into a nine-step process to get your employees' commissions paid. We call this commission chaos. Here's a dealership's general commission process when using Excel.

The steps in your typical commission process

Nimble Compensation simplifies that nine-step process into three simple steps that only take minutes to complete: Connect, Calculate, and Confirm.

What is the impact of Nimble Compensation?

With Nimble Compensation, it's not just about simplifying commission calculations—it's about igniting motivation, shedding light on performance, and reclaiming your time.


What if your team could peek at commission earnings in real time? With Nimble Compensation, that dream becomes a reality! Recent research by Cox Automotive, identified that ⅓ of dealership staff aren’t engaged in their jobs. One of employees' biggest reasons for a lack of engagement is not knowing how much they will get paid until the end of the month. With Nimble Compensation, your entire dealership gets immediate access to their earnings, and motivation skyrockets. Suddenly, every sale feels like a victory lap. With Nimble Compensation, it's not just about streamlining a process—it's about giving your team the tools it needs to thrive!

your entire dealership gets immediate access to their earnings, and motivation skyrockets


You and your managers are navigating the daily grind of managing employees, keeping up with customer demands, and implementing growth plans. What if you could see your team's performance stats in real time, like watching your favorite sports team dominate the game?

Well, guess what? Nimble Compensation makes that happen! You can easily track who's hitting it out of the park with a few clicks and who needs a little pep talk. So, with Nimble Compensation, you're not just a manager—you're a strategic mastermind, leading your team to victory with confidence and ease!

with Nimble Compensation, you're not just a manager—you're a strategic mastermind


Savings come in two forms: time—your most precious currency—and money. With Nimble Compensation, dealerships see an average 80% reduction in processing time. No more coming into the dealership early, burning the midnight oil, or guzzling extra cups of coffee to crunch commissions. Commissions will literally take you minutes.

Nimble Compensation isn't just about streamlining processes; it's about real cost savings. On average, dealerships can save roughly $30k annually by eliminating overpayments related to your error-prone spreadsheets and formulas. We wrote a whole article on for Digital Dealer on the Cost of Commission Overpayments.

With Nimble Compensation, dealerships see an average 80% reduction in processing time

Who benefits from a better commission solution?

Just about everyone. Nimble Compensation makes a difference no matter your department. Why is that? Just about every dealership employee is on some kind of commission pay plan. So, every department benefits from a better commission solution, whether that means how you get paid or how you calculate the pay. Read more about who we help and how we help.

Who benefits most from a better commission solution?

The Spreadsheet Team benefits the most. Who is the spreadsheet team? It is our term for anyone on your team using spreadsheets to manage commissions. This team typically includes managers, accounting, and HR personnel. Nimble Compensation reduces commission processing time by an average of 80%, automating nearly the entire process.

You might be thinking…

We understand that change can be daunting, but let's address some common objections we hear when dealerships learn about Nimble Compensation:

"It can't work for me"

We hear you. Every dealership is unique, with its own set of challenges and processes. But here's the thing: Nimble Compensation is built to be flexible - it was our first requirement. Because we know every dealership is slightly different. At this point, we've worked with hundreds of dealerships, each with its quirks and unique pay plans, and guess what? Nimble Compensation has risen to the occasion every single time. Whether you're a small family-owned dealership or a huge multi-rooftop group, our highly customizable platform ensures it aligns perfectly with your operations.

"Not another tool"

We get it—you're already juggling a million different tools and systems, and the last thing you want is to add another one to the mix. But here's the kicker: Nimble Compensation isn't just another tool. It's your secret weapon in the battle against commission chaos. While other tools might try to do it all, we specialize in streamlining the commission process.

"Costs too much"

The age-old question: "Is it worth the investment?" We get it—budgets are tight, and every dollar counts. But here's the deal: the benefits of Nimble Compensation far outweigh the costs. We're not just talking about saving money (although we do plenty of that)—we're talking about improving performance, reclaiming time, and boosting morale. If getting all of that for what you spend on water bottles and pizza each month isn't worth it, then we aren't the right fit. 

Ready for change?

Nimble Compensation isn't just about automating commissions; it's about revolutionizing dealership operations. We empower employees, enhance management visibility, and drive significant time and cost savings by simplifying the commission process.

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