Get Dealership Commissions Done. Effortlessly.

Automate your entire commission process across all your rooftops from calculations to washout sheets.

Reclaim your time and motivate your team with the visibility of real-time accurate commissions.

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We seamlessly work with the world's best
Dealer Management Systems

Stop Commission Chaos.

Managing your dealership's commissions in spreadsheets is not the answer:
Lack of Real-Time
Earnings Visibility
What's the impact of a team that doesn't know what they're making?
Commission Processing
What's the real monthly cost of processing commissions?
No End-to-End
Review Process
What all is slipping through the bottom line without regular review?
Manually Updating
Data in Spreadsheets
How many spreadsheets are you managing each month? 
Formula Errors,
Formula Errors, Formula Errors
What errors have you caught this year? Which ones did you miss?
Printing and Distributing Washout Sheets
How many washouts are you formatting, printing, and updating?
Can you relate?

There is a better way than your big ass spreadsheets

How do effortless commissions get done?

Nimble Compensation does all the heavy lifting of commission taking your complex commission process to three simple steps that can be completed in minutes:

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Create a pay period. We pull data from your Dealer Management System and any other sources needed for the commissions.

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Within seconds, commissions are calculated and ready for review.

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Commissions are calculated, submitted and ready for approval with automated employee notifications. Congratulations!

If you've seen enough, get started!

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Streamlined. Scalable.
Made for Dealers.

Here's who Nimble helps

The truth is your commissions touch everything in your dealership. Your deals are all over the place, and people are copying and pasting data from different places. We'll show you a better way and how that makes your life easier no matter you role.

Owners and GMs

Turn commission complaints and confusion into real-time transparency that boosts retention and performance.


Move your team from stale workflows to a scalable solution that feels right and raises your dealership's financial capacity.


End manual entry burden and inefficiency with automated accuracy that affords new found time for your financial strategy.

HR & Payroll

Replace your manual calculations and cross-referencing tabs with automated process and painless integration that just works.

Join dealers across the country

We had been using Excel sheets for years. We constantly had issues: people were overpaid, the process took hours, and we never got wash out sheets to the employees. Nimble Compensation solved all these problems. Commissions are now completed quickly and accurately!

Andy Strebe

General Manager, Chalmers Ford

Here's how Nimble helps

Imagine having a clear, concise view of your payroll expenses, commission structures, and overall financial health. You're starting to see the picture.
How much performance is lost in not knowing?


Commissioned employees view what they’re being paid, and the details

Increases transparency and builds trust with your employees

Streamlines commissions process to cut costs, mitigate risk, and close the books sooner

Equip your team with the tools they need to maximize their performance—real-time earnings. From sales to F&I and your Fixed Ops teams, offer them easily accessible and straightforward commission information.

Dreading commissions every month?

Save Time

Nimble reduces your workload by automating many of the manual processes associated with commission calculations.

Say goodbye to big ass spreadsheets

Commissions don't have to take you days with our platform commissions can take minutes instead of days.

Nimble Compensation makes commission calculations fast, easy and accurate. With an easy-to-use interface and approval process, we are reducing the commission process down to minutes.

Save Time
Looking in the wrong places to increase profit?

Increase Profit

Reduces operating costs and helps increase profit margins

By reducing and eliminating the use of spreadsheets in your calculations, your commissions will be more accurate.

Helps prevent the risk of commission fraud

Put an end to those profit leaks hidden behind flawed formulas, problematic pay plans and redundant rounding. You'll enjoy a new depth of earnings data with granular views of pay plans and projected profit down to the penny.

Increase Profit
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You might be asking...

What is Nimble Compensation?

Nimble Compensation is a powerful web-based commission management platform built specifically for dealerships. We are real people solving a real problem from first-hand experience.

We work with dealerships nationwide, from California to Puerto Rico, transforming the commission process from labor-intensive and error-prone to done in minutes.

Nimble Compensation isn’t just another tool; it’s a way to connect and empower your entire dealership.

Read the full length answer: What is Nimble Compensation?

Just a few of the payroll systems our dealerships use...

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