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 Zach Spangler

Zach Spangler

Founder & CEO
Zach Spangler

Zach Spangler is the founder and CEO of Nimble Compensation. Zach is focused on equipping dealerships with the tools and technology they need to thrive in an increasingly competitive, digital world.

Prior to founding Nimble Compensation, Zach was instrumental in developing the vision, financial, and operational plans for several other companies focused on technological solutions to improve profitability and efficiency. Zach’s expertise in accounting, software development, and process improvement combine to provide a relevant, forward-thinking solution to automotive dealerships via Nimble Compensation.

Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Zach graduated from Westmont College where he received a Bachelor’s in Business & Economics and remains committed to the vision of seeing New Mexico's community grow and succeed.

Nate Dickison

Nate Dickison

Chief Experience Officer
Nate Dickison

Hey, I'm Nate Dickison, CXO at Nimble Compensation. My journey, from valeting exotic cars to working with churches and reimagining tech, has taught me that great sales hinge on understanding people, not just products. At Nimble, I employ my "They Ask, You Answer" approach to transform buying into an engaging conversation, tailored to the evolving automotive world. We focus on conversation over pitches, guiding rather than pushing. Ever noticed the difference between feeling heard and just being sold to?

That's our ethos.

We believe in crafting experiences that are as elegant as they are straightforward. Imagine a buying process where you feel not only understood but also valued and pleasantly surprised. That's the experience we strive for every day.

Our goal is to offer content and interactions that resemble a friendly, pressure-free conversation, simplifying the complex and centering on what your dealership truly needs. We hope your experience with us feels like buying from a friend. Join us at Nimble for a unique journey where everything is built with you in mind.

 Sandra Hirschberg

Sandra Hirschberg

Director of Strategic Partnerships
Sandra Hirschberg

Sandra has an MBA in entrepreneurship, five years’ experience coaching start-ups, working in accelerators/incubators, and over 13 years in sales and business development. Her work has spanned a small entrepreneurial organization in logistics to a multi-billion-dollar company on Wall Street. She is most known for her “intrapreneurial” ventures as she focused on creating and leading companies in strategies that do good as well as serve the bottom line.

At Bloomberg LP, she launched a business plan to grow the emerging markets client base by fortifying the financial infrastructure of the Caribbean. At Vector, she was one of the first 10 employees and created the multi-million dollar humanitarian cargo arm of the company by facilitating significant societal impact.

After her MBA she focused on finance and technical assistance for Small and Medium-Sized businesses as an economic driver. She still sits on the board of Girltank, a support organization for female social entrepreneurs that she guided to secure their first round of funding. She moved to New Mexico in 2016 and is a mentor in the ActivateNM accelerator.

Originally from Rancho Mirage, California, Sandra can be found chasing after her three young children.

Alongside Expert Advisors

With a Depth of Automotive Industry Insight

Our advisors lean into Nimble Compensation's operations with a depth of insight and experience to help us make the most of our time with you.  

Andy Strebe

Andy Strebe

Automotive Advisor
Andy Strebe

Andy is currently the GM at Chalmers Ford. He oversees the retail, commercial and emergency vehicle operations covering four states.

Andy is part of the executive leadership team at Chalmers Ford that has earned one of the 11 Zia Quality Awards presented by Quality New Mexico. In 2016, Chalmers Ford earned the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. Their company has earned Ford Motor Company’s top Customer Satisfaction award 12 out of 13 years, an achievement few dealers in the nation have accomplished.

Andy was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. He was graduated from Northern Arizona University with a degree in mechanical engineering. He started his work career with Ford Motor Company at the Arizona Proving Ground. He held various engineering positions with Ford and was transferred to New Mexico in 1999. In 2002 he left Ford to serve at the general manager for a Ford dealer in Farmington. In 2005, he joined the team at Don Chalmers Ford in Rio Rancho, NM.

Andy currently serves on the board of Lovelace Westside Hospital in addition to the Rio Rancho Chamber of Commerce. He has recently served on the board for Care Net Pregnancy Center of Albuquerque.

Andy has been married to his wife Kathleen for 29 years and has 2 adult children, Luke and Sierra.

David King

David King

Finance Advisor
David King

David King is a finance and accounting executive with over 20 years of experience in the dynamic startup community in Austin, Texas. He has been the co-founder of a number of angel and venture-backed tech start-ups where he was instrumental in developing the vision and the financial/operational plans for each company that led to successful funding and multiple exits to public companies including CMGI, Digital Impact and Sony.

David is a strong believer in laying down a well-thought out foundation early on in order to be able to demonstrate and communicate value as a company grows.

David hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of Texas and an MBA from the Thunderbird School of Global Management. He is also a CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and is finishing up his experience hours to become a CPA.

He currently lives with his wife in Albuquerque where he consults with young tech companies helping them to prepare for seed funding and/or getting their finance and operations organized to grow to the next level.

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