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Your dealership will save time and money without having to sign a long-term contract. All our packages are month-to-month with no long-term contracts.

Month to month contract

Cancel anytime

Money back first 3 months


plus $3,000 setup fee
up to 25 employees
3 departments


plus $4,000 setup fee
up to 50 employees
6 departments


plus $5,000 setup fee
up to 75 employees
10 departments
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See a better way

Ready to kick back and spend more time with family and less time with formulas?

Hung up on Pricing?

Here are pricing questions to help you make a decision

Changing is hard, is it worth it?

There is an inaccurate assumption in this question: that moving to Nimble Compensation is hard. We take a white-glove approach to service, which means moving to Nimble Compensation is easy on your team. We do 95% of the work to make the transition. All we need from your team are the old commission worksheets and data sources. On average, our clients say the preparation takes about five hours. 

It is absolutely worth it! We exist to transform your dealership's commission process:

  • Your managers and back office team reduce the commission processing time by 80%
  • Your employees love the visibility and transparency of commissions, which often boost performance

To learn more about the benefits of implementing Nimble Compensation, check out our Outcomes page.

How much time is this saving people?

While every dealership is different, on average, our dealership customers see an 80% reduction in process time.

To put this into real terms, if your commission process currently takes 10 hours every month, after implementing Nimble Compensation, we expect it would take roughly 2 hours to complete. That is 8 hours you get back during your busiest time of the month, month-end close! Imagine what your life would look like.

We regularly hear from our clients that they now get to eat dinner with their family during close or don't have to come into the dealership on Sundays because of the time-savings Nimble Compensation gave them.

We want this to be you, but we also have been doing this long enough that it is hard to believe this could be your story. We encourage you to Book A Demo so we can setup a custom demo and show you how different your life could be.

What payment methods do you accept?

Nimble Compensation currently accepts all major credit cards as well as checks and ACH transfers. All subscriptions are setup on a recurring basis and billed the first of every month.

Will I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, we believe you should never feel stuck in a long-term contract, so we don't have them. We are confident once you start using us, you won't want to cancel. But just in case, all our subscriptions are month-to-month, so you can cancel anytime without paying a cancellation fee.

Pretty novel idea, don't you think?

Still have questions? Check out the full list of FAQs

You'll never want to go back to commission spreadsheets

But if you end up missing late nights and overpayments, there are no strings attached:

Month to Month Contract
Cancel Anytime
3 Months Money Back
Stop commission chaos. Discover how you can streamline your dealership's commission process and drive growth. See for yourself with this free guide to getting started.