Dispute Management

Dispute Management

Employee Satisfaction
Reduces Workload
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Handle commission disputes within Nimble to quickly resolve issue and answer questions.

Here's what sucks...

You just submitted commissions to payroll, and your office phone is already ringing. One salesperson says you missed a split deal. Another salesperson calls, telling you missed their bonus. As you are hanging up, you get a text from your Sales Manager mentioning you missed his vacation pay, and as you glance up from reading that text, you see the F&I Manager walking into your office.

It's another one of those days.

How about Dispute Management?

While Nimble Compensation will alleviate many of those conversations, dispute management is impossible to eliminate. We have built a dispute management tool into our platform to allow your employees to provide feedback on the commission calculations. 

Note: This feature can be turned off for dealerships who don't want to use it. But we highly encourage dealerships to utilize this functionality; in our experience, it is not abused and enhances employee/dealership relationships. 

Who is this for?

Your sanity, just kidding. This feature helps the accounting or HR team calculating commissions as well as your employees. 

Why does this matter?

Commission disputes are an inherent part of commission calculations. Our platform gives you a defined process to manage and communicate with your employees.

What do you need to know?

Each commissioned employee at your dealership has a portal to review their washout sheets. Once their commission is calculated and approved, the employee receives an email notification that their commission calculations are complete.

After reviewing their digital washout sheet, they can dispute the calculations and comment on why they believe their commission payment is incorrect. 

Once this comment is submitted, whoever calculated the commission will receive an email detailing the perceived issue. From there, your team can address the problem and send a comment back to the employee.

How does this help you?

This feature helps you in two ways:

  • Defines a process for managing commission disputes
  • Clear documentation of any disputes and the steps taken to resolve the dispute
  • Enhanced transparency for your employees, which ultimately can impact retention at your dealership

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