Employee Portal

Employee Portal

Employee Satisfaction
Reduces Workload

Personalized dashboards for your employee to track their earnings and performance.

Here's what sucks...

You have to manually pass out or email washout sheets every period. Every period you have changes and discrepancies to correct. Each change you have to rework the manual process, reprint, re-send, explain and accommodate.

How about Employee Portal?

Imagine a world where you didn't have to pass out or email washout sheets, where employees could see their forecasted earnings for the pay period based on their current performance and answer their own questions about their commissions. How much time and headaches would that save you? And imagine the performance boost motivated employees would have!

That world exists with Nimble Compensation!

Each commissioned employee gets their own employee portal loaded with tools to help motivate, inspire, and make your staff eager to perform with a customized dashboard and forecast earnings. Push your team to the next level! 

Who is this for?

Your commissioned employees. 

Why does this matter?

Instead of spending time answering questions, passing out washout sheets, and employees wasting time trying to calculate their earnings for the period. They can do it all themselves!

What do you need to know?

When an employee is created, we require an email address. An email is automatically sent to them, inviting them to set up their portal. 

From this portal, they can view their historical earnings, a personal dashboard, and forecasted earnings for the period. 

Lastly, when their earnings calculations are approved, an email is automatically sent to them with a link to review their washout sheet. 

How does this help you?

This feature is another massive time saver and helps build transparency and trust with your team. 

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Let's kick those spreadsheets to the curb

Errors, missed commissions, hours wasted. There's got to be a better way, right?

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