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Activating Nimble Compensation on CDK

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The Short Answer

What does it take to setup Nimble Compensation on CDK?

This will take 6 steps and less than 10 Minutes.

Nate Dickison
Nate Dickison

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Apr 11, 2024

Activating Nimble Compensation on CDK
The Details

Sign Up for DMS API Integration - A Quick Step Guide

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Nimble Compensation for your dealership? Within just a few minutes, you can set the stage for a seamless integration with your CDK data. Let’s dive into how you can activate Nimble Compensation efficiently, ensuring your dealership leverages the best in commission management technology.

Getting Started Is Free and Flexible

This is completely free and can be canceled at any time and it will immediately stop our data pulls. We have gone through a though vetting process by CDK to ensure we use the best practices to secure your data.

Step-by-Step Activation Process (for CDK data)

Step-by-step Activation Process for CDK
1. Visit Our CDK Fortellis Listing

Start by navigating to our listing within the CDK "app store," known as Fortellis.

2. Activate Your Account

Look for the "Activate" button and click it to proceed.

If you're not logged into your CDKConnect account, you'll need to sign in to carry on with the activation steps.

3. Select Your App Locations

Choose the dealership locations you wish to integrate with Nimble. This selection is crucial for data synchronization.

4. Configure the Customer Master File (CMF)

Should your dealership have more than one CMF at any location, a dropdown menu will appear next to the location for you to select the appropriate CMF.

5. Consent to Terms of Use

Agreeing to the terms is a pivotal step in ensuring both parties understand the scope of data use and security.

6. Review and Complete Activation

The final step involves reviewing your activation details. After ensuring all information is correct, click "Complete Activation" to finalize the process.

After completing the above steps, the Review Activation page displays and you can review the activation details before finalizing the configuration. Review the activation details and add any additional information. When everything looks right, click Complete Activation to finalize the activation process.

Finalizing Your CDK Activation

Upon completion of these steps, we will initiate the setup of your commission rules and schedule a demo. For additional guidance or more detailed instructions, CDK’s comprehensive documentation is available for reference.

What's next?

Activating Nimble Compensation is the second step towards transforming your dealership’s commission management process. Your next step is to send over pay plans and/or commission spreadsheets from last month.

With security and ease of integration at the forefront, Nimble Compensation is designed to enhance your operational efficiency and data accuracy. We will reach out once we have configured your commission rules for our Custom Demo together.

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