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Activating Nimble Compensation on Tekion

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The Short Answer

How do I setup Nimble Compensation on Tekion?

This will take 3 steps and less than 10 Minutes, and up to 7 business days to finalize.

Nate Dickison
Nate Dickison

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Apr 11, 2024

Activating Nimble Compensation on Tekion
The Details

Sign Up for DMS API Integration - A Quick Step Guide

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of Nimble Compensation for your dealership? Within just a few minutes, you can set the stage for a seamless integration with your Tekion data.

Getting Started Is Free and Flexible

This is completely free and can be canceled at any time and it will immediately stop our data pulls. We are a proud partner of Tekion leveraging their Open API program.

By activating Nimble Compensation, you allow us to start pulling your DMS data directly allowing you to automate the commission process and put an end to those commission spreadsheets.

Step-by-Step Activation Process (for Tekion data)

1. Download Integration Authorization Form

First up, download the Tekion Integration Authorization form.

2. Fill Out the Activation Form

For each dealership location (rooftop) you wish to integrate, complete the Tekion activation form. We've already filled in our details to save you time; you only need to add the start and end dates along with your dealership information on page 4.

3. Email the Completed Form

Once filled, email the form to Be sure to cc our support team on the email,, ensuring we're in the loop and can coordinate closely with Tekion.

Finalizing Your Tekion Activation

Note, he integration setup can take up to 7 business days for Tekion. But, that is it! It only takes a few minutes to integrate Tekion with Nimble Compensation and get started on your journey to streamlining commissions. 

What's next?

Activating Nimble Compensation is the second step towards transforming your dealership’s commission management process. Your next step is to send over pay plans and/or commission spreadsheets from last month.

With security and ease of integration at the forefront, Nimble Compensation is designed to enhance your operational efficiency and data accuracy. We will reach out once we have configured your commission rules for our Custom Demo together.

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