Audit Log

Audit Log

Employee Satisfaction
Mitigate Fraud Risk

Track changes made on our platform to ensure accountability.

Here's what sucks...

You and your team are copying and pasting data from all over the place. Even up to the moment you submitted commissions. And you might have even just noticed that someone has changed your Excel data to inflate commission or bonus payouts.

How about Audit Log?

Take a breath- tracking all changes in our platform provides peace of mind for dealerships with an audit trail to understand changes and updates to source data, in one simple place.

Who is this for?

The individual or team responsible for calculating commission across multiple dealership rooftops. 

Why does this matter?

The ability to see activity in a system is important but especially critical for high-impact financial platforms. While Excel offers some tracking, most dealerships don't use this feature. 

What do you need to know?

We track activity and changes on our platform and provide a log to your system admins.  

How does this help you?

This feature allows you to understand activity and when and by whom changes to data are made in Nimble Compensation.

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Let's kick those spreadsheets to the curb

Errors, missed commissions, hours wasted. There's got to be a better way, right?

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