Built For Dealerships

Built For Dealerships

Streamline Commissions
Boost Profit
Employee Satisfaction

You're a dealer with unique commission needs. We speak your language and provide extensive customization to fit every commission plan.

Here's what sucks...

Have you ever tried explaining the complexity of your commission process to someone?

You start describing how pay plans work at your dealerships. You start with all your departments: Sales, F&I, BDC, Service, Management, Body Shop, Quick Lane. Then, you start mentioning how each department has multiple pay plans.

Your audience's eyes glaze over, and you haven't even begun discussing how these plans are actually calculated.

How about Built For Dealerships?

Welcome to the place where we understand you and get excited about helping you implement a better process. A place where you can get more creative with pay plans, build trust with employees, motivate better performance, improve profits, and save your team involved in the commission process lots of time.

Who is this for?

Dealerships. Nimble Compensation is built for dealerships. We started our business with a single dealership in New Mexico and remain committed to only serving dealerships.

Why does this matter?

What other business has over 90% of its workforce on a commission plan? Who else understands the complexity of your pay plans with terms like minis, split deals, clawbacks, minimum wage guarantees, washout sheets, and so many more? 

We work with dealerships nationwide every day. 

We speak the same language and understand the industry and its challenges. Because of this first-hand knowledge, we have built a platform to transform your process, elevating your commission calculation process from one of the most dreaded monthly processes to one of your most seamless.

What do you need to know?

Our sole focus is to help dealerships with three things: 

  1. Improve Retention & Employee Trust
  2. Boost Profits
  3. Save Your Team Time

We do this by creating a world-class, dealer-focused commission management platform. We know from our years of experience in the industry that this is an issue for 99% of dealerships. 

How does this help you?

  • Our software has complete coverage of your pay plans.
  • You don't have to explain your complex commission concepts.
  • We have priced our software with the understanding that 90% of your users will use the platform.
  • Our work with dealerships means we have an unrivaled understanding of your needs and challenges.
  • We work with your DMS and even have direct integration options.
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Let's kick those spreadsheets to the curb

Errors, missed commissions, hours wasted. There's got to be a better way, right?

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