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Save Time

Dealerships across the country see an average time savings of 80%. In real terms, if commissions take you 10 hours a month, you can complete them in 2 hours once Nimble Compensation is implemented.

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Your team is spending hours calculating commissions

A dealership commission calculation process involves seven employees on average. Typically, department managers, accounting, and HR touch the process. All these leaders in your organization are wasting time in spreadsheets instead of with building their teams.

Why do commissions take so long? The simple answer is Excel. Excel is great for many things, but managing commissions isn't one of them. Excel-based commission processes require so much manual work, from updating formulas, creating new tabs, and copying and pasting data from your core systems to Excel.

17+ hours
Hour Spent Processing Commissions
5 hours
Commissioned employees spend figuring their own commission

There is a better way

Built to accurately process commissions for every department at your dealership in minutes.
Change Your Approach

Free your team to drive performance

Nimble makes commission calculations fast, easy, and accurate. With an easy-to-use interface and approval process we are reducing the commission process down to minutes.

100% Customizable
100% Customizable: Configure each pay plan just how you need it and sync changes to all employees.
DMS Integration
DMS Integration: We work seamlessly with all major Dealer Management Systems.
Employee Portal
Employee Portal: Personalized dashboards for your employee to track their earnings and performance.
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to Save Time

Designed with input from dealerships just like yours

Digital Washout Sheets
Digital Washout Sheets

Run payroll and send notifications instead of getting those texts

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Audit Log
Audit Log

Track changes made on our platform to ensure accountability.

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Handle Any Payplan
Handle Any Payplan

Crazy pay plans? No problem, we haven't met a payplan we can't handle, that even includes you California.

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Smart Alerts
Smart Alerts

Missing critical data our software will notify you important information is missing.

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Built For Dealerships
Built For Dealerships

You're a dealer with unique commission needs. We speak your language and provide extensive customization to fit every commission plan.

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Approval Workflows
Approval Workflows

Setup workflows to ensure accuracy and review.

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See a better way

Ready to kick back and spend more time with family and less time with formulas?

Frequently asked questions

Our commission process is unique, would Nimble Compensation work for my dealership?

The short answer is yes!

Over years of working with dealerships across the country, if there is anything we have learned, every dealership is different.

With this in mind, we have built Nimble Compensation to accommodate any pay plan or bonus structure your dealership can dream of. We have seen standard things like split deals, minis, volume bonuses, retro, and penetration commissions, to name a few. But we also have some pretty wild things. Anything related to commissions in California would count.

We customize our platform to your existing process and pay plans. If you want to learn more, check out our article about 100% Customizable.

Can I speak with another dealership?

We used to provide dealership referrals, but as we have grown, we realized two things:

  1. With our growth, our dealerships were overwhelmed by the number of referrals they were providing.
  2. Most importantly, we realized speaking with another dealership just wasn't that helpful because hearing about the impact of Nimble Compensation didn't compare to actually seeing your commission process improved.

As a result, we no longer provide dealership referrals; instead, we set up your most complex department for free and provide a custom demo. The custom demo is a much more powerful referral for you and your team since you can compare how long your current process takes to the process in Nimble.

We can almost guarantee your jaw will hit the floor when you see a process that usually takes you hours to complete in a few minutes.

Changing is hard, is it worth it?

There is an inaccurate assumption in this question: that moving to Nimble Compensation is hard. We take a white-glove approach to service, which means moving to Nimble Compensation is easy on your team. We do 95% of the work to make the transition. All we need from your team are the old commission worksheets and data sources. On average, our clients say the preparation takes about five hours. 

It is absolutely worth it! We exist to transform your dealership's commission process:

  • Your managers and back office team reduce the commission processing time by 80%
  • Your employees love the visibility and transparency of commissions, which often boost performance

To learn more about the benefits of implementing Nimble Compensation, check out our Outcomes page.

What will change in my operation?

How does more time, higher profits, less liability, and happier employees sound?

We aren't joking. These are all the benefits of moving from your Excel-based commission process to Nimble Compensation.

You can read more about the benefits on our Outcomes page.

In terms of the effort involved in getting our platform implemented, it is minimal; on average, a dealership has five hours of prep work. We believe in white-glove service, so your team doesn't have to spend weeks and months setting Nimble up.

You can read through our guide, What to Expect for an Implementation.

Want to see it in action?

Awesome, we want you to see it in action!

If you are ready for a custom demo, we encourage you to Book A Demo. As part of the demo, we will use your actual data and pay plan information for your chosen department. This allows you to discover how Nimble Compensation can streamline your dealership's commission process and the specific benefits to you and your position.

If you aren't ready for a custom demo, you can check out a five-minute demo here so you have a better idea of what to expect.

If you have questions, you can call, email, or Schedule A Call with someone on our sales team. You can get our Contact Information here.

We are confident this will change your dealership for the better.

Still have questions? Check out the full list of FAQs

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