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Get Launched: Your next steps after Custom Demo

Next Steps
Here's What You Need to Know
The Short Answer

Custom Demo is done. The decision for Nimble is now. What's next?

You need to schedule: On-site Launch for 2-3 Days.

Here's what to expect during the rest of the month:

Phase 3 - Get Launched.  (Complete: 2-4 Weeks)

  • Trainings (1 Hour - Together as needed)
  • Side-by-side Testing (1-2 Cycles - You)

Nate Dickison
Nate Dickison

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Apr 11, 2024

Get Launched: Your next steps after Custom Demo
The Details
Here's Exactly How That's Done

Get Launched - Phase 3

Getting Launched
means you're officially ready! Nimble make sense for your dealership, and for you in your role, and is the time now. The theme of this phase is fine-tuning and building confidence. We'll work through your kinks together as you and your team get your feet wet in this new world. You're going to have plenty of questions. And that's what our on-site activation, training and side-by-side testing is for. These three steps work side by side to answer those questions with the best way of doing things in the platform.

We'll be working with you to make one consensus in this phase:

  • Our team is confident and capable in the platform and commissions are correct. We've officially launched all rooftops and departments to replace spreadsheets with Nimble Compensation.

This phase ends with all agreed upon rooftops and departments onboarded and spreadsheets finally put to rest.

Step 6. On-site Launch

Time: 2-3 Days (Together)

We spend a couple days on-site working with your team to set up Nimble Compensation. The goal of this visit is to finalize the last 5 to 10% of the commission complexities in person and answering our questions.Typically, by the time we leave, you will be ready to run your first payroll cycle using Nimble. Note: much of this time is on our end, working and answering questions. Dealers normally enjoy our company as we work the magic.

Contact your Account Manager to schedule your on-site launch over the phone. They will discuss the details of the what, who, where, and why.

Note: this is an invoiced step. If you've haven't received a quote, be sure to visit our pricing page before the call to understand what costs to expect and your questions answered.

Step 7. Trainings (if needed)

Time: 1 Hour (Together)

We'll usually focus our time in these remote training sessions around a specific feature per department to help managers make the most of the move. These can be 1:1 sessions or with teams, based on your need. During that time we go through scenarios, understand preferences, and fine tune for maximum time savings.

Smaller teams with a couple rooftops don't usually need this.

Note: these trainings are available to you at no extra charge once you signup. Make sure to take advantage of them when the time makes sense!

Step 8. Side-by-side Testing

Time: 1-2 Commission Cycles  (You)

We encourage dealerships to run our process side-by-side with their Excel-based process for one-to-two commission cycles to compare the calculation results. We do this for two reasons:

  1. Build your teams' confidence in the platform adjustment.
  2. Ensure the plans are set up correctly in the platform.

Trainings and side-by-side testing work together, as needed throughout the commission cycle testing period. Some dealerships are ready to launch after one payroll cycle of the side-by-side testing, and others want to run through three or four cycles.

Get Launched - Is it worth it?

A new month ahead

Change is hard. An you're on your way. We want to remind you what this transition promises in the months to come: smooth, efficient, and immensely beneficial commissions for your whole dealership. So stick with it! The time and money saved tells us it's worth it.

Here's What You Need to Know
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