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Get Started: A step-by-step implementation guide for Nimble Compensation

Getting Started
The Short Answer

1, 2, 3 - Are you ready?

There's 3 phases to getting started with your better way:

Phase 1 - Discover.

  • Discovery Demo (1 Hour - Together)

Phase 2 - Setup.

  • DMS Integration (10 Minutes - You)
  • Last Months Commissions (20 Minutes - You)
  • Activate Nimble (1 Week - Us)
  • Custom Demo (30 Minutes - Together)

Phase 3 - Launch.

  • Onsite Launch (2-3 Days - Together)
  • Trainings (1 Hour - Together)
  • Side-by-side Testing (1-2 Cycles - You)

We're here to make this as straightforward as possible. You'll find a detailed article for each phase. Remember, this timeline depends on how quickly you and your team can provide information and feedback through these steps.

Nate Dickison
Nate Dickison

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Apr 22, 2024

Get Started: A step-by-step implementation guide for Nimble Compensation
The Details

Get Started: Discover, Setup, Launch

3 Phases to Your Better Way

Phase 1 - Discover.

Welcome to the fastest and most important phase for you to get started: Discover. This is where our two worlds come together to see if Nimble Compensation is your better way to calculate commissions.

We'll be working with you to answer two questions in this phase:

  • Does Nimble Compensation make sense for me, my team, and our dealership?
  • If yes, is now the right time to make the change?

This phase ends with a decision on whether you and your team want to move forward with Nimble Compensation based on what we learned in the Discovery Demo. Assuming the answer is "Yes, I want to move forward with Nimble", we will need three things from you (don't worry it typically takes less than 30 minutes of your time):

  • Scheduling Your Custom Demo (2 minutes - Together)
  • Setup Your DMS Integration (10 Minutes - You)
  • Pay Plans and/or Commission Spreadsheets from last month (20 Minutes - You)

If you're not ready for Nimble, that's ok. We'll leave you with a few things to help you on your way to finding better commissions.

Step 1. Discovery Demo

Discovery Demo - How much time do I need?

Time: 1 Hour (Together)

During our time together, we'll get a clear picture of what's happening and what you want to see in your dealership. Only with that understanding can we say if Nimble will help you achieve your goals.

We're working to answer this question: "Does Nimble Compensation make sense for our dealership, for me and my role, and is the time now?" 

We're going to map out the basics of your current process, understand your pain points, and do some math to see what's really at stake. Make sure to check out our pricing so that you can bring your counts and cost questions. This isn't just another boring demo for another tool in your belt. We're looking to change your commission game for good. So buckle up!

At Nimble, we don't sell. We discuss our way to informed decisions. 

So, you get to decide what's next! If now is not the time, we'll leave you with something to help you know when it might make sense. 

If you're ready, book your discovery demo.

Phase 2 - Setup.

Get Setup - How much time do I need?

Getting setup is all about putting your world into Nimble Compensation to get a glimpse of the future. This is the step that will blow your mind. The highlight of this phase is seeing exactly how our platform works for you. We'll do the heavy lifting during this phase in our initial configuration for your dealership. We'll need your help to provide the data and information unique to your dealership. From there we setup your own data and commission plans for one department so you can compare your process to ours. Warning: Accurate commissions will only take minutes on our platform.

We'll be working with you to in this phase to answer one question:

  • Will Nimble Compensation transform my dealership's commission process enough to invest our time and money in now?

By the end of this phase, you will know exactly how Nimble will transform your dealership! This phase ends with a decision on whether you and your team want to move forward with Nimble Compensation based on what we learned in the Discovery Demo. Assuming the answer is "Yes, I want to move forward with Nimble", we will need one thing from you:

  • Scheduling Our On-Site Launch

If after seeing the Custom Demo you decide our platform isn't right for you, that's ok. We'll leave you with a few things to help you on your way to finding better commissions.

Step 2. Sign Up for DMS API Integration

Time: 10 Minutes (You)

You will need to connect your DMS with Nimble Compensation to allow us to pull your data directly.

Check out what platforms we integrate with and how.

This one is a layup. Get it done on the day of the Discovery Demo. Some integrations take up to 7 days, which could throw the whole timeline off. We'll be waiting for the integration confirmation!

You can skip this step if we're not integrated with your DMS, knowing we'll import manually.

Step 3. Send over Pay Plans and/or Commission Spreadsheets from last month

Time: 20 Minutes (You)

You will need to email our support team last month's pay plans and/or commission spreadsheets for your most challenging department. We use this information to pull out configure and build out this department in Nimble Compensation which will be reviewed in during the Custom Demo.

Our goal is to make this simple for you. So you don't have to make any updates or provide any context. It is seriously as easy as:

  1. Open an email to
  2. Write your dealership name as the subject
  3. Attach your dealership's commission spreadsheets
  4. Press send

We see pay plans and commission spreadsheets every day. If we have any questions, we will reach out.

We hear you: "But our pay plan is different..."  

It might be, but we can handle it. 

95% of the time, it looks like a familiar recipe.

Step 4. Activate Nimble Compensation

Time: 1 Week+ (Us)

In preparation for the Custom Demo, we review your pay plans/spreadsheet to configure departments, rules, and pay plans on Nimble Compensation. This will give you a real-time view of your data. We typically get 90-95% of everything set up before we visit you on-site. The last 5-10% of fine-tuning will happen in person.

Step 5. Custom Demo

Time: 1 Hour (Together)

This is a conditional step for when you still aren't 100% confident that Nimble is the right solution for you. We will set up your most challenging, time-consuming department and show you exactly how Nimble Compensation will work using your data and pay plans. 

Just get ready for your mind to be blown...we literally hear comments like "This is the sh*t" during these demos because you will see your commissions (the ones that take you hours and days) completed in minutes. 

Phase 3 - Launch.

Get Launched - When are we ready to launch?

Getting Launched means you're officially ready! Nimble Compensation makes sense for you, your team, your dealership, and the time is now. The theme of this phase is fine-tuning and building confidence. We'll work through your kinks together as you and your team get your feet wet in this new world. You're going to have plenty of questions. And that's what our on-site activation, training, and side-by-side testing are for. These three steps work side by side to answer those questions.

We'll be working with you to come to one consensus in this phase:

  • Commissions are correct, and our team is confident and capable of using the platform. We've officially launched all rooftops and departments to replace spreadsheets with Nimble Compensation.

This phase ends with all agreed-upon rooftops and departments onboarded, and spreadsheets finally put to rest.

Step 6. On-site Launch

Time: 2-3 Days (Together)

We spend a couple of days on-site working with your team to set up Nimble Compensation. Typically, by the time we leave, you will be ready to run your first payroll cycle using Nimble. Note: Most of this time is spent on our end, working and answering questions. The dealers can generally expect us to meet with department managers and the accounting team while on-site. 

Step 7. Training (if needed)

Time: 1 Hour (Together) 

We'll usually focus our time in these remote training sessions around a specific feature per department to help managers make the most of the move. These can be 1:1 sessions or with teams, depending on your needs. During that time, we go through scenarios, understand preferences, and fine-tune for maximum time savings. 

Smaller teams with a couple of rooftops don't usually need this. Note: once you sign up, these trainings are available at no extra charge. Make sure to take advantage of them when the time is right!

Step 8. Side-by-side Testing

Time: 1-2 Commission Cycles (You)

We encourage dealerships to run our process side-by-side with their Excel-based process for one-to-two commission cycles to compare the calculation results. We do this for two reasons:

  1. Build your teams' confidence and skill in the platform
  2. Ensure the plans are set up correctly in the platform

Training and side-by-side testing work together, as needed, throughout the commission cycle testing period. Some dealerships are ready to launch after one payroll cycle of the side-by-side testing, and others want to run through three or four cycles.

Rooftop Rollout (Official Launch) 🎉

Discover. Setup. Launch. Is it worth it?

Once your team feels comfortable, we will officially launch Nimble Compensation, and you won't have to worry about those commission spreadsheets ever again!

Commissions are complex. But they don't have to be.

So what do you think?

Are you ready to discover your better way to commission growth?

Discover your better way by scheduling a demo today.

One other note: we don't believe in locking dealerships into a long-term contract. All plans are month-to-month, so you can cancel at any time. However, once you start using Nimble Compensation, we are sure you won't ever want to go back to spreadsheets.

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