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Get Setup: Your next steps after Discover Demo

Next Steps
Here's What You Need to Know
The Short Answer

Discovery Demo is done. Now what?

You need 1 Hour & 30 Minutes to complete the Setup Phase steps.

Here's the steps to Get Setup and how much time you'll need to set aside:

Phase 2 - Get Setup.  (Complete: Within a Week)

  • DMS Integration (10 Minutes - You)
  • Last Months Commissions (20 Minutes - You)
  • Activate Nimble (1 Week - Us)
  • Custom Demo (30 Minutes - Together)

Most DMS integrations are straightforward, but can take up to a week to activate. These marketplace integrations are free and we have detailed instructions on how exactly you set them up.

Sending last months commissions documents is simple- just send them, no matter how they look. We'll reach out if we have questions.

Nate Dickison
Nate Dickison

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Apr 11, 2024

Get Setup: Your next steps after Discover Demo
The Details
Here's Exactly How That's Done

Phase 1 - Get Setup (Remaining Steps)

Get setup. How much time do I need?

If you're reading this, that means you (or members of your team) have finished the Discovery Demo and made a decision: Nimble Compensation makes sense. And the time to make the move is now. (Before the next close!). Nice work, every minute you spend now is buying you time in the months to come.

The Setup Phase is all about getting getting your accounting world setup in thew new Nimble world so that we can come together in our next Demo (or on-site) to give you real-time view of what Nimble looks like in action. We'll take what we learned from our Discovery Demo together to see first-hand if a future with Nimble Compensation feels right.

2. Sign Up for DMS API Integration

Time: 10 Minutes (You)

You will need to connect your DMS with Nimble Compensation to allow us to pull your data directly.

Check out what platforms we integrate with and how.

This one is a layup. Get it done on the day of the Discovery Demo. Some integrations take up to 7 days, which could throw the whole timeline off.
We'll be waiting for the integration confirmation!

You can skip this step if we’re not integrated with your DMS, knowing we'll import manually.‍

3. Send over Pay Plans and/or Commission Spreadsheets from last month

Time: 20 Minutes (You)

You will need to email your current pay plans and/or commission spreadsheets from the last month to our support team. We use these plans to pull out departments, bonus information, and configuration to build out in Nimble Compensation.

Our goal is to make this simple for you, so you don't have to make any updates.
We see pay plans and commission spreadsheets daily.
If we have any questions, we will reach out.

We hear you: "But, our pay plan is different..."
It might be, but we can handle it.
95% of the time, it looks like a familiar recipe.


1. Open an email to
2. Write your dealership name as the subject
3. Attach your all dealership commission spreadsheets
4. Press send

You do not have to:

  • Change a thing
  • Consolidate spreadsheets
  • Provide any context

Step 4. Custom Demo

Time: 1 Hour (Together)

This is a conditional step for when you still aren't 100% confident that Nimble is the right solution for you. We will set up your most challenging, time-consuming department and show you exactly how Nimble Compensation will work using your data and pay plans. 

Just get ready for your mind to be blown...we literally hear comments like "This is the sh*t" during these demos because you will see your commissions (the ones that take you hours and days) completed in minutes. 

Wait, why does this matter?

You might be in the middle of a close or caught up in the 13,987 other commission hoops to jump through. What we don't want to happen is you end up saying "Why didn't we get setup sooner?!" Or even worse, before you know it, a month goes by and you're back in the middle of close, again! Break the cycle and start getting setup today.

With our setup process, we do all the heavy lifting. But, our timeline are highly dependent on how quickly you're able to provide information and feedback. Remember, every minute spent now can save you hours annually. So stick with it! You got this.

Here's What You Need to Know
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