Stop the commission chaos. With our integrated platform, you can ditch the commission spreadsheets and get commissions done is minutes.

Get ahead with error-free commissions. Done in minutes, not days.

End manual entry burden and inefficiency with automated accuracy that affords new found time for your financial strategy.

Put an end to those late nights and weekends hand keying earnings that lead to errors

Jordan the "Controller"
Jordan the "Controller"

Meet Jordan, our fictional Controller based on what we know of other Controllers. Jordan heads up the commission process alongside a team of twelve financial admins in fast growing dealership in the Midwest.

Jordan wants to spend more time analyzing financial data more deeply to provide strategic insights, forecasts and improve decision-making processes. Unfortunately he spends more late nights and weekends doing the opposite- trying to manage manual entry and calculation formulas for a dozen pay plans across 60 tabs.

Then he found Nimble Compensation. Let's take a look at his transformation.

Jordan's transformation from #commissionchaos
Jordan's transformation from #commissionchaos
Can you relate?
Before we get into just how Nimble works,
let's hear what a real person has to say...
Jon Espenes
"it's now transparent... I'm able to make corrections before pushing payroll out, there's less revisions- overall immense time saver."
Jon E.

We seamlessly work with the world's best
Dealer Management Systems

Here's how Nimble works

Nimble Compensation does all the heavy lifting of commission taking your complex commission process to three simple steps that can be completed in minutes:

Nimble Connect Icon

Create a pay period. We pull data from your Dealer Management System and any other sources needed for the commissions.

Nimble Calculate Icon

Within seconds, commissions are calculated and ready for review.

Nimble Confirm Icon

Commissions are calculated, submitted and ready for approval with automated employee notifications. Congratulations!

After watching, see how you can get started.

How it works - Demo Screenshot with Zach

Nimble Compensation CTA screen clipping

"It can't be that easy...."

Ready to kick back and spend more time with family and less time with formulas?

Top features that you'll love

Built with Controllers in mind

Join dealers across the country

I cannot express how amazing the software is! I was reviewing yesterday, up against a 4:30 upload deadline and thanks to the ability to upload directly I had everything reviewed and posted to Netchex in less than 10 minutes!!!

Jonathan Espenes

Controller, Hinderer Honda

Still Have Questions?

Here are some of our most common questions we get from Controllers

What's this going to cost?

Great question! Our pricing is based on a monthly fee billed per rooftop. Our monthly fees vary depending on the number of employees under each rooftop. We do offer volume discounts for dealerships.

In addition to the monthly charge, we charge a one-time setup fee. As part of this setup fee, Nimble's implementation team will come to your dealership and work with your team on the initial setup. This setup fee is fully refundable if your dealership cancels within 90 days of the setup, but we are confident you will think that setup fee was the best money you ever spent when you see how much time and money you are saving with Nimble Compensation.

We don't believe in locking you into a long-term contract, so we have a month-to-month agreement that allows you to cancel at any time.

Learn more about how our pricing works: Pricing Page

Do you work with my Dealer Management System?

We work with all the major Dealer Management Systems: CDK Global, Reynolds & Reynolds, Automate, Dealertrack, Tekion, and many more.

We have dealership clients across the United States using almost every Dealer Management System (DMS) available. We have built Nimble Compensation to be extremely flexible. This allows you to use nearly any report you can extract from your DMS.

We also have direct integrations with some DMSs, which allows us to pull commission data directly from your DMS.

Check out our article about Dealer Management Systems we work with for more information.

Do you work with my payroll system?

Over the years, we have seen and worked with quite a few payroll companies. We work with many of the native DMS payroll solutions as well as many of the most popular standalone payroll companies like: ADP, Paylocity, Netchex, Paychex, Paycom and many more.

We have built Nimble Compensation to be extremely flexible and therefore it works with virtually all payroll solutions. But if you want to confirm your specific payroll solution you can email our support team at

What is the process to get Nimble Compensation setup?

We have found the best way to setup Nimble Compensation for your dealership is to come out for two to three days.

During this time, we work to setup, test, and train with your team. Although we will be on-site, we typically only need an hour or two from your managers, so it is not a significant time commitment for you or your team.

The goal is that by the time we leave, your dealership is completely setup and ready to use our platform.

How much time is this saving people?

While every dealership is different, on average, our dealership customers see an 80% reduction in process time.

To put this into real terms, if your commission process currently takes 10 hours every month, after implementing Nimble Compensation, we expect it would take roughly 2 hours to complete. That is 8 hours you get back during your busiest time of the month, month-end close! Imagine what your life would look like.

We regularly hear from our clients that they now get to eat dinner with their family during close or don't have to come into the dealership on Sundays because of the time-savings Nimble Compensation gave them.

We want this to be you, but we also have been doing this long enough that it is hard to believe this could be your story. We encourage you to Book A Demo so we can setup a custom demo and show you how different your life could be.

Still have questions? Check out the full list of FAQs

You'll never want to go back to commission spreadsheets

But if you end up missing late nights and overpayments, there are no strings attached:

Month to Month Contract
Cancel Anytime
3 Months Money Back
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